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HOW TO START YOUR BUSINESS! and Where you Go from There!
By Sandra Turner Lemire

This "E-Girls Entrepreneurial Women" work comes from my personal experiences gained in starting nine businesses, from Sole Proprietorships, four Corporations, and one LLC (Limited Liability Company). I began my first business in 1979. I want to show women how they can start building their dream business wherever they are in their life. It is my goal to give them the advice they need to know as to where to start, how to dig deep to understand their goals, understand the potential earning power of their business ideas, how to change gears when things demand change, and how to avoid pitfalls. They need to incorporate a team of experts that provide them with knowledge that they may not currently have to keep them from wasting time and money.

I present some of the real core issues that will help or hinder them, such as understanding and controlling credit, estate planning, business ownership, structures of different businesses, how to find what they need, traveling tips, and so forth. I encourage them to "keep their own counsel" and have faith in themselves and God.

I encourage women to reach out to other women either ahead of them in the journey, to following in their footsteps, or reach back and give a helping hand to another women coming in her shadow that needs an "E-girlfriend's" encouragement to follow her own dream.

The most important key for all of this to come to fruition is their Faith in their God to make their dream happen. Their goal must be bigger than making money. They must have a drive to see a goal become reality and it needs to be true in their hearts.

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Radio Interview: Indie Book Publishing, Sandra Lemire interview from Westbow Press. (12 minutes)

Radio Interview: 6/27/12 Dr. Hildy Welcomes Sandra Lemire - "E-Girls: Entrepreneurial Women" and B-Vitamin Special "One Cell One Light. Radio"

"Form, Function, & Fancy"
By Sandra Lemire

A collection of writings by Sandra Lemire with contributions by Kristen Dickinson.
Fragments of philosophy, knowledge, and opinion for the dedicated breeder/owner/exhibitor and groomer of TOY DOGS.

  • "My Holly Hobby - She Paid The Price"
  • "The Fading Puppy Syndrome"
  • "Modern Medicine vs Bacterial Evolution creating 'Super Germs'"
  • Medicating using antibiotics without benefit of culturing first.
  • Zoonotic Diseases. What Are They?
  • Diseases passed between humans and animals. Examples would be Lyme disease, Rabies, Beta-Strep, black plague, spinal meningitis, Klebsiella Pneumonia, Yersinia (pseudo tuberculosis), Listeria Bacterium
  • Bacterial Safeguards
  • "The Culture Program"
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"Yorkies Head To Tail" - The Essential Care Guide
By Sandra Lemire
  • Inspirational stories that warm the heart and also teach lessons about caring for Yorkies
  • The "How To" book when you're getting your first Yorkie
  • Homeopathic and Holistic treatments and recipes described
  • Special section on traveling with Yorkies
  • Many illustrations to entertain everyone

"Yorkies Head to Tail" is destined to become the Yorkie "Bible" for both new and experienced owners. A true "collectors item".

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