Sandra Turner Lemire


  Writer, Author, Entrepreneur





Sandra Lemire's life experiences have been interestingly varied and her accomplishments impressive. She has been published in an interesting range of venues starting in 1982, specifically focused on raising Yorkshire Terriers and the Care of Toy Dogs. Four years of her research led to bacterial studies related to Dog Breeding and infertility as well as Zoonotic Diseases.

She lectured for approximately sixteen years in both the US and Canada regarding "Bacterial Safeguards".

Over subsequent years she expanded her knowledge and nurtured another passion that she was driven to follow - pursuing Entrepreneurship. She has started and owned nine businesses from several Sole Proprietorships, four Corporations and an LLC (Limited Liability Company). She is an accomplished manufacturer of premium products sold internationally on the markets for over twenty five years.

Sandra is the Founder of "Coat Handler" pet care products under the corporate name of Senproco, Inc. starting in 1985. After fifteen years developing that market, she moved on from focusing attention on that company, although the products she developed are still being sold worldwide.

She is published in three books: "E-Girls™, Entrepreneurial Women" (2012) published by WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson Publishing, "Form, Function & Fancy" (1996) Published by Sensational Leasing, Inc., and "Yorkies Head to Tail" (1999) published by Paper Chase Press, all available on Amazon.

Assessing a new era in her life, she is changing genres; after many years in the pet industry she is moving forward to expand her efforts into new writing arenas. She is focusing on the thirty two years of writing which has been her true passion. Her work is generally nonfiction, full of narrative attractions and that has not changed.

Most recently she introduced "E-Girls" Entrepreneurial Women and is striving to share thirty four years of business experiences and expertise with a female audience that is yearning to venture into their own businesses. She is only able to satisfy her desire to educate by writing about her experiences and reaching out a helping hand to other women who have a "dream".

She is working on several future works that will entertain, weaving her personal stories into narrative storytelling for all ages. Writing is and always will be the undercurrent driving force that motivates her "heart's desire" about many of the phases of her life experiences.

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