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“FORM, FUNCTION & FANCY” 1996 published by Sensational Leasing Inc.

This wonderful book was assembled by Kristen Dickinson when she was brave enough to compile all my stories, scientific studies and essays about Yorkshire Terrier and other Toy Dogs. Since I studied eight years in microbiological research focused on infertility, premature birth and infant death known as “The Fading Puppy Syndrome” by veterinarians as well as breeders.

With the mentoring of my veterinarian Dr. Bill Davenport, and his history as a microbiologist for twelve years in Vietnam, I learned and discovered the cause of the Fading Puppy Syndrome. I designed and wrote about a prevention for this disease known as The Culture Program. My article was published in 20 plus magazines including the AKC Gazette in 1988.

In the process of these studies, I discovered the importance of Zoonotic Diseases where bacterial infections are passed between humans and pets or other animals. It is very common and overlooked most the time. I give preventative advise to safeguard family members and animals who come in contact with each when on might me contagious.

In my studies of Lemire’s Culture Program I proved beyond a doubt that Staphylococcus Aureus (Staph Aureus or Staph) is a deadly bacterium which I learned was the primary cause of the Fading Puppy Syndrome. Since it was a common bacterium in the 80’s and 90’s it was thought to be harmless. My studies proved this wrong and now this bacterium is known world-wide as MRSA! Yes, it’s finally accepted as deadly after two decades of being ignored.

There are many articles and stories in this wonderful book with great contributions from Kristen Dickinson herself. I am grateful that she was willing to publish this book for me in the early 90’s when there was no internet.

Good Luck Taking Care of your Babies!
Sandra Lemire

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