#4 How To Plan For Vaccinations

It is very important to plan your vaccination program for every member of the family. There are specific issues you need to consider. These same guidelines are ones that I have used for 30 plus years for all my animals and family members.

Avoid any vaccinations if the member is sick, runny nose, earache, recovering from any illness, exposure to a new environment, or health challenging event. Whether it’s dental work, illnesses, traveling, company, Holidays, stressful situations, all must be considered in planning or changing plans for vaccinations. Get advice from your physician about working your preferred or needed schedule into other vaccinations needed and planning events around avoiding additional stress during this time.

As I mentioned about the vaccination of my puppies, some of the same thoughts might be helpful for humans. I notice in my research of Flu-Zone Vaccinations, they recommend doses starting at six months old, with a 0.25 mcg dose (Pre-filled single dose, pink syringe plunger rod) followed by a booster of the same dosage in four weeks. This same dosage is recommended annually for the child until 35 months old. Notice they are NOT recommending vaccinations before six months of age.

At three years or 36 months to age eight years old, they recommend a 0.50 mcg dose (Pre-filled, single-dose, clear syringe plunger rod) followed in four weeks by a booster of the same dose.

Nine years and older are recommended to be given only one 0.50 mcg dose.

These vaccinations are the very same “cocktail” of four virus strains given to all people as they get older (except for the FLU-ZONE QUADRIVALENT HIGH DOSE…see my notes regarding this dosage BLOG #3).

My personal recommendation is that each of these vaccinations be SINGLE-DOSE Prefilled syringes only, including for myself or anyone else. These single-dose shots, prefilled do NOT contain preservatives. My research has shown that Multi-dose vials have preservatives included in the shot which may or may not be the cause of sensitivities, reactions or even associated with Guillain-Barre Syndrome GBS. If this is risk or possibility, it’s best to play it safe.

I always pre-order my shot (with Drug Store or Doctors office) in advance. This is due to them running out of the single dose shots once the flu season starts. I want to make that my shot is available before going in for it. I insist on visually seeing the Vaccination personally before it is prepared for me just to make sure there is no mistake. It must be PRE-FILLED SINGLE DOSE VIAL.

I believe you are required to sign a waiver by the organization administering the shot to address any questions or issues. I always ask for a copy of this waiver for my own records as well.

I, once again, advise review of the BLOG # 1  “YOUR PERSONAL ARMY” to collect your thoughts, and review with your Doctor to space your vaccinations appropriately to allow the immune system to properly react with your B-Cell coding, and cloning. You want to make sure there is sufficient time for the immune system to recover new “uncoded” neutral B-Cells available to either react to upcoming vaccinations or protect the member during a time of planned exposure to another Antigen such as traveling.

When I had dogs, I would get their vaccinations done at least two weeks before traveling, shipping, showing or breeding.

By Sandra Lemire August 30th, 2020

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