The Gift of Sleep

My mind is never more amazed about life than when I think about how we release our own control of life and go to sleep every day. I also wonder about this universal process that even animals must give in and succumb. How we must let go of our consciousness, our thinking, fears, plans and rely completely on trust to catch us in our free fall. The internal trust that our body will take over, with heartbeats and breathing as a part of our natural essence, which is truly a miracle in itself.  Sometimes we fight it with worries we can’t let go of. At last, they slip from our thoughts, allowing us to move to other places, and finally drift away. There is also the indescribable factor called resting that I can never quite put my finger on. Our body is disassociated from our brains in some miraculous manor, and yet totally, inexplicably dependent on our brains in so many other respects.

If we live with physical pain in our lives, particularly chronic pain, sleep is generally our only escape. The only time our body and brain can disconnect temporarily, leaving the pain nowhere to go. If we can, in some possible way, get into that unconscious cave where the real world is beyond our span of vision, our brains might be able to separate our awareness of the pain that plagues us. That is the key to the ‘rest’ that we so desperately need to continue to survive.

This sleep often is an escape from our emotions or worries. It is innate to most animals and people often struggle not to go into this “state” that hovers between life and death in different stages, and yet we will still drift away. 

It happens when we see a child, no matter how young, in that state of heavy sleep, with arms limp, as the parents pick them up and carry them to bed. They are not even aware they have been moved. My dogs become so deep into their rest that they chase other animals from years gone by whimpering sounds and paws twitching. Playing and running in the dreams of a younger pet that didn’t know being old or tired.

Then our brains have their own “play day” when they go into the dream state and live in their own world of fantasies. We call these stories our “dreams” or sometimes even nightmares. So intense that we are often sure they are real, and they may even wake us up talking to ourselves, ready or not. We awake just seconds later and try as we might, cannot remember the dreams that were playing tricks on our unconscious minds as our weary bodies try desperately to find that magical place called “rest.” Just a little longer, we muse, can’t we just wait a little longer?

Our eyes open slowly! For me, I close them tight again, trying to allow myself to stay “in-between.” Not awake or asleep. It’s my own type of meditation and can at times go on for hours. No worries, just free fall, letting ideas bounce around at will in all directions. Not willing to wake up and let go of my unconscious state; I try not to move. If only I could drift etherical a little longer, not waking up or sleeping—just wandering.

Finally, I take a deep breath and let my eyes open, giving in to another day, all the wiser for the ideas and comfort of “a will” to try again.

My little dog “Lola,” is still in her own slumber, as I have not yet turned on the light to rouse her from her bed. “Sleepy Head,” she gets up and joins me in the new day.

By Sandra Lemire November 22nd, 2015

About the Author: Sandra

I am a professional non-fiction writer, author of 5 books, plus 40 years of writing articles, short stories, research projects, microbiology studies as well as lecturing during those 40 years. I also have fully been engaged in being an entrepreneur having started nine businesses, including corporations, a sole proprietorship and an LLC. I also developed and produced approximately 20 products in the cosmetic industry, sold worldwide, most of which are still on the market today. I'm a born self-taught scientist, with a love of animals, people and health issues. Teaching and mentoring is the result of my passions to share many lessons with others who may benefit from them.


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