#3 You’ve Gotta Be Kidding Me!

I’m here to speak up for “the weak immune systems of the senior citizens!” That’s what I’m told. People 65 and over are considered to have weak and ineffective, if not totally useless immune systems to fight contagious diseases. This causing general failing of our immune systems to mount an adequate response to sickness of one kind or another. Hogwash!

How do people think we got to be 75 (my age) and even older, one in my family is 94? We have incredible immune systems! We were on the front lines of Poli, Measles, Smallpox, Chicken Pox, MRSA (Staphylococcus Aureus), Tuberculosis and the list goes on.

I was about 10, in school in Las Vegas when we were the guinea pigs to test the Polio Vaccine, with a sugar cube under the tongue. Nobody cared if it failed and we got the disease. But we didn’t. And it worked!

When I applied and got hired to waitress in Reno around 1970, it was contingent to me going to the Health Department and getting chest x-rays to prove I didn’t have Tuberculosis in order to serve food to other people!

A friend of mine who is 82 told me recently about when she was in the hospital for something about ten years ago. They came and swabbed the inside of her nose with MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus). I guess they thought they were “inoculating or vaccinating her” with it! She was then in her early seventies, younger than me now. They were in effect spreading it around!

The new FLU-ZONE QUADRIVALENT HIGH-DOSE Flu shot routinely given to seniors is outrageous! It is 240 mcg per dose (AN ALL TIME HIGH AS OF THIS FALL!!!), with 60 mcg of each of four strains included in that one shot.

Compare this to the FLU-ZONE QUADRIVALENT Normal Flu Shot given to normal people from childhood to 65. This NORMAL shot only has 60 mcg TOTAL (15 mcg of each of the FOUR virus strains) for a total of 60 mL per shot. I JUST GOT MINE TODAY! THESE NUMBER ARE CURRENT AND ACCURATE!

So, what is the logic of giving Seniors a Quadruple dose of Flu-zone High-Dose Flu shots that contain FOUR TIMES the Antigen dosage of the four viruses from what people under 65 get. This supposedly because we are “deficient in our immune systems” and need a “shot-gun” load of units in our vaccinations compared to the rest of the population? They don’t even do this to horses!

I honestly don’t know how our seniors are holding up as well as they are, since the overwhelming overkill of antigen loads to them are so high that it’s beyond belief. That means that likely the majority of seniors’ immune systems are dedicated to fighting the four flu viruses (new this year to include the 4th virus!). What is left of their white cell population that is “uncoded,” meaning still neutral to fight other antigens (pathogens) they will come in contact with for the next year? How about making it til Christmas! Yikes!

When people in nursing homes, assisted care living homes and retirement homes are given flu shots every year, they are not asked which shot they want. They don’t even get a choice or a request that is made available to them. The Vaccination team comes in with only one shot available for all seniors. They don’t get to choose. And they are NOT single dose shots but in multi-dose vials with many doses in one vial. The problem with the Multi-dose vials is that they use preservatives in them due to multiple needle sticks and putting in the fridge if not all used.

 In fact, I know of several families who requested the normal Flu-Zone Quadrivalent Normal Dose Shot to be given to their family member and they were refused. They were warned that if they did not allow the Flu-zone Quadrivalent High Dose shot to be given their family member their family member would be removed from the facility. They had to give in.

Within two weeks their family member passed away when they had been doing very well in their recovery before being given the FLU-ZONE Quadrivalent HIGH DOSE shot.

Check to see if your family Dr can provide a request for you to get a Normal Flu-zone Quadrivalent shot for your family member who is in a care facility.

Speak up for yourselves and your family. All drug stores MUST give you the shot of your choice. Don’t let anyone bully you or your family! The NORMAL FLU-ZONE Quadrivalent Shot is safe for babies and it’s safe for us Seniors as well.

Many Drug stores will “advise” or “recommend older people to take the FLU-ZONE QUADRIVALENT HIGH-DOSE shot as the insurance companies prefer it. That means that from big Pharma, to Insurance companies, to Drug Stores, to Retirement living facilities, the pressure is on to take the FLU-ZONE QUADRIVALENT HIGH DOSE Shot.

You may need to take family reinforcements with you to get your shot that you choose. It is safer, more comfortable, has fewer side effects and adverse reactions, never mind NOT immobilizing your immune system.

I will NEVER take this shot. Especially now with COVID vaccinations looming in the horizon. I just had my NORMAL FLU-ZONE QUADRIVALENT shot today. I’m doing fine!

***PS Don’t be confused. This year they changed the HIGH DOSE SHOT  from last year with only three of the virus strains (with 180 mcg per dose) to FLU-ZONE QUADIVALENT HIGH-DOSE which now contains all FOUR strains of the flus BUT is 240 mcg per dose (FOUR TIMES the dose of 60 mcg’s of a NORMAL shot)!!!!!

****You may get confused as they both indicate QUADRIVALENT in the shot name since they both have FOUR virus strains in them. The key is NORMAL (60 mcg) or HIGH DOSE (240 mcg).


Good Luck!

By Sandra Lemire April 11th, 2015

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