#2 Understanding Vaccinations

When I was working with Dr. William Davenport in Reno NV, back in 1980, he educated and mentored me about vaccinations. He served in the US Army as a Microbiologist for 12 years during Vietnam before becoming a licensed Veterinarian.

When Parvo Virus was “invented” it was killing our canine population so fast we had to fight it with everything we knew. It was “airborne,” lived six months in the ground, multiplied VERY fast and killed within less than a week. By the time symptoms showed you had little to no chance to save the animals.

Lesson one was understanding QUARANTINE! My entire 2.5 acres was now in Quarantine. No one admitted. I wore clothes and shoes to town, returned, stripped in the garage putting all my clothes into washer with Bleach before entering my own home.

Dr. Davenport began teaching me about vaccinations. There are basically three different categories of vaccinations. The “LIVE VIRUS” is created in laboratories from actual live virus samples and is usually the first one they come out with to stop an epidemic. It is the most dangerous one to treat with as it is made up of the virus cells that CAUSE the disease. This is rarely used today, and not with Flu Vaccinations.

The second type of vaccination to be released is generally a “MODIFIED LIVE” vaccination. This is created in the laboratories by manipulating the Live Virus in different ways to make the original virus “mutate” and change some of its characteristics making it less likely to cause disease. In most cases the goal is to make it less virulent or deadly. It is generally safer to use on a broad scale of patients. For the general population, this one produces better responses without being nearly as dangerous as the Live Virus. This may be a form used for equine, bovine, or many other types of vaccinations that I’m not currently familiar with. It was the first safe vaccination provided to fight Parvo Virus in 1982.

The third type of vaccination is a “KILLED VIRUS.” It is possibly known as an “inactivated” virus. This vaccination has many benefits. It is the safest of the three, as there are no active LIVE viruses in the shot. It has fewer side effects while still being able to create “antibody” responses coding to the target Virus and cause the “cloning” effect needed to create an immune response in the patient.

When I was fighting to save my dogs from dying from Parvo Virus, we had to use whatever was available as the disease was highly contagious, virulent and fast moving. Survival once an animal was exposed was rare. It was a death sentence in effect. I had “show dogs” and a bloodline at stake.

Dr. Davenport came up with an idea to try to save my dogs. We had NO Vaccinations at that time. He suggested if it were him and his dogs, he would consider using a Feline Vaccination (which was derived from the original Parvo virus which had mutated to become Parvo to canines).  I agreed this was a viable option rather than not do anything to help their immune systems survive this epidemic to canines. It made sense. I caged all my dogs, went to his clinic to the back door where he waited. He came to me vehicle, vaccinated each dog without touching them, then I put them back in their carriers. He vaccinated all my dogs with the Feline version of this Vaccination, and I know it saved my dogs.

Within a year all three of these canine vaccinations were available. Dr. Davenport taught me to use each of them wisely and make the best choices for each dog. The most favorable for my family of dogs was the “KILLED VIRUS,” known as “inactivated” virus especially for puppies, older dogs, show dogs and females that were being bred. It had the safest track record of not interfering with other vaccinations needed and happening simultaneously.

Since Dogs and other animals need to have several types of vaccinations, we learned to space them out, separate or combine them appropriately to cover the needs of each animal. Remember, vaccinations on animals were the teaching methods for what was adapted for humans going forward. This meant this was and still is important to become familiar with.

For instance, we knew Parvo was the deadliest virus, while distemper was predictable but not deadly. We would give a Killed Parvo shot to puppies at six weeks, wait for two weeks and give the normal mixed (called a cocktail) of five routine viruses to the puppies at eight weeks. Two weeks later (ten weeks) we gave the booster of Parvo Killed virus, and at twelve weeks gave the second booster of the Modified Live (ML) vaccination of the cocktail with distemper, hepatitis, and others.  History had shown that the Distemper cocktail only needed to be given at eight and twelve weeks, but this was NOT sufficient to protect against PARVO.

We learned that “Maternal Antibodies” to Parvo from the mother’s milk, interfered with the puppy’s immature abilities to create their own Antibodies to keep them from getting the disease. At the same time, these two shots were necessary to neutralize the Maternal Antibodies in the puppies systems so the Parvo Killed shots could be continued at sixteen and twenty weeks, to create the puppy’s own more mature antibodies with coded reaction in their immune system to these later shots.

I’m explaining all this so people can become educated, ask questions and make better decisions about juggling the Flu shots and the potential COVID19 Vaccinations forthcoming.

Using my own experience, today I went in to get my FLU-ZONE QUADRIVATLENT (normal) shot earlier than usual. My thinking is September may likely get my immune system up and running against the Flu, while I may need a second dose in later months, like late November.

 My game plan is to allow my body’s immune system to become “Coded” to the FOUR inactive virus stains (A1, A2, B1 and B2) well in advance of expecting to participate with a COVID Vaccination. Let my body build the Flu immunity, which hopefully in effect might also allow it to fight exposure to COVID if that exposure were to happen.

During the time of September and October, my immune system will CODE to the four viruses while still building lots of new “neutral” uncoded B-Cells to be ready to fight COVID-19. That’s my plan, anyway.

PLEASE READ my BLOG #3 on FLU-ZONE QUADRIVALENT HIGH-DOSE!   It’s a killer!  Please use your voice to SAY “NO!” to this vaccination!  DON’T let anyone coerce you into accepting this HIGH DOSE shot. Get the FLU-ZONE QUADRIVALENT NORMAL Vaccination like younger people get! It’s safer and more effective.

By Sandra Lemire August 27th, 2020

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