#6 Your Immune System is Key

I was considering an analogy of explaining the incredible importance of your immune system. I think of it like a Savings Account. When we challenge our immune systems, be it bacterial, viral, or even snake venom we are coding some of our B-Cells to react and fight each enemy. By replicating millions of times once they come in contact and are coded, our white cell count is immediately built to higher numbers to that specific enemy. Think of this as getting a bonus when you put money in your savings account, just for adding more money to it.

This is what a vaccination is designed to do. Code your immune system to fight a particular disease.

At the same time our body’s defensive immune system (B-Cells) goes into action to fight the enemy, our normal functions of creating new white blood cells continue to produce “neutral” cells to pick up the slack going forward. Like earning interest on your investment in your Savings account.

This creates a history in your system of all the battles to defend you that your immune system has waged. Each vaccination or illness is adding more to the picture of how wonderful your immune system is in action. This is your history.

Now this makes me think about why different viruses require different B-Cells to become coded to go to battle. Why do we need more vaccinations for different diseases? Some shots such as Tetanus, only need a booster every ten years. But a flu shot needs to be updated every fall. Then the pneumonia vaccination is actually two strains of different pneumonia viruses given at different times a couple year apart. Why is that? It’s because many viruses and even bacteria have the ability to “mutate.” That means they change their identity and their mode of living in a host (that’s you).

When I raised dogs, we needed to have annual updates on some diseases such as “kennel cough” or Bordetella. This vaccination was a nasal dose that went into the nostrils. It was made up of approximately six bacterial strains chosen out of many others. Each year they would decide which six were most dangerous and use that guideline to create the latest vaccination. Last year’s vaccinations were not likely to be relevant this year.

Some vaccinations need a “booster” about a month later after they have the first shot. This is decided based on the history of how normal immune systems react to just one vaccination. It may be related to the age of the individual as younger members may need a booster due to an immature immune system.

If the disease tended to overcome a vaccination in a large number of cases, they learned that by giving a second dose called a “booster,” it helped to get a reliable response of immunity with coded B-Cells which protected the individual. This was demonstrated with the Polio Salk Vaccination. One sugar cube under the tongue with the polio virus in it was not sufficient to stop the disease. That meant a month later, a second dose of sugar under the tongue boosted the immunity sufficiently that Polio was wiped out completely. It was never able to spread after that. It was gone forever, we hope.

Since each disease or illness has a completely different mode of reproducing and spreading, it is a quandary as we look ahead to a COVID-19 vaccination. My first guess is that it will be a “Killed” or “Disabled” Virus, which is the safest. My second guess is that it may require a booster shot, based on the information that some people get the disease more than once. Also there seems to be a variation of why some people have no symptoms, (A-symptomatic) and others fight for their lives. Some people have very limited symptoms which they recover from quickly, which might make you wonder if they were sick enough to even develop a full immune response to protect them in the future. If they don’t respond with a full-blown immune response when they get the disease, would some people who just get one vaccination be able to become immune or maybe not?

We also don’t know about the “mutation” factor. Is COVID-19 going to mutate quickly so that each year another variation of the disease can get past our immune responses from the previous year?

Some people may choose to take their chances with just hoping not to get any disease even if they are not vaccinated. That’s a BIG decision. Not only is this decision going to affect them going forward but also every person who is in contact with them. Family, schools, work, shopping? Could they become “Carriers” of COVID? Not really getting sick but incubating the virus and spreading it to others?

This happens in canines with Coccidiosis, a protozoon. Adults are carriers who don’t show symptoms based on a strong immune system yet still passing it to their young. The adults have built up immunity, but the younger dogs or pups, birds, or ducks aren’t able to mount an immune response before they are infected with the disease and die.

My experience is that every person is going to have to create their own immune coding response to COVID-19, one way or another. Either by getting sick enough to almost die, developing “herd immunity” or getting vaccinated.

I wonder if that’s why they handled Polio the way they did. In the schools, all children, and then worldwide? It worked! It’s gone! What about Bubonic Plague? I think it’s gone too! How many other diseases have been annihilated with study, research, dedication and cooperation of the public? I don’t know?

Would that be possible for COVID? I don’t know. I think there will come a time when the worry of a reaction to the vaccination will pale in comparison to suffering through the disease and maybe not able to stop from getting it a second time. WOW~!

Take Care of yourselves and your families! Share this information.

By Sandra Lemire August 31st, 2020

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